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ServiceNow Knowledge Conference 2022 in Den Haag

In 2022 it was finally time again, the Knowledge Conference could take place on site as usual and of course DT Advisory has been there. In the following article we would like to list the key aspects that we took away from the conference and which we consider to be particularly important.


1. Hyperautomation

By far the most frequently used term at Knowledge 2022. Various use cases have shown how customers use existing ServiceNow instances beyond the classic ITSM use case and begin to digitize and automate further business processes. ServiceNow has introduced new applications for this, e.g. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the Process Automation Designer. As part of the technical workshops and product presentations, we took a close look at the new functionalities and are convinced that all existing processes in a company can be automated in the future. We at DT Advisory would like to focus on this in the future and have therefore already planned the new functionalities in existing projects in the implementation.


2. Consumer Grade Experience

The presented Next Experience UI and the new UI Builder will make it possible to create very individual and visually appealing applications in the future. In our experience, many customers are not currently using the ServiceNow portals due to the visual appearance. With the technical conversion away from the old Portal Designer, however, very specific customer requirements for design and usability can now also be implemented. In the future, we see the potential with ServiceNow not only to create internal service portals, but also attractive self-service applications for B2B customers and even eCommerce applications for the B2C area.


3. Low-Code / No-Code

With App Engine Studio, ServiceNow offers the possibility to create customer-specific applications on the Now Platform quickly and with little effort and thus replace other IT systems. Above all, we see the advantage here that individual components can be reused across different applications, thus enabling shorter implementation times at lower costs. Our experience shows again and again that ServiceNow has shorter implementation times compared to other peripheral systems and it therefore makes sense to develop new applications directly on the ServiceNow platform. In addition, for licensing and strategic reasons, it can even make sense to migrate existing "legacy applications" to the ServiceNow platform.


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