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ServiceNow Summit 2022 in Zurich

As a young consultancy firm with a focus on ServiceNow, we were represented at this year's ServiceNow Summit in Zurich. This was the first real "on-site event" to take place in a long time. We took the chance to inform ourselves about the new features of the San Diego release in the context of technical presentations and discussions and at the same time to make DT Advisory known.


The focus of DT Advisory will be to use the automation features of ServiceNow to map and digitize various business processes of our customers. Many customers are currently still using the platform exclusively for their ISTM processes, while ServiceNow already offers extensive functions for digitizing other customer-specific processes.

The advantage is that an extension of the platform can build on the already existing data and integrations. In addition, it can make strategically sense to commit to one single platform and technology and thus achieve further synergy effects such as resource bundling and license cost minimization.


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