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Top 5 CreatorCon Announcements

🚨 Exciting news from CreatorCon Keynote at #servicenow #know23! 🚨

We’re happy to share some of the new #servicenow features, which were announced at the #know23 event in Las Vegas. We are convinced that these new features could be beneficial to empower organizations enhancing their digital transformation journeys. Here are some of the remarkable features we can look forward to:

1️⃣ App Engine Studio:

With the upcoming Vancouver release in September, #servicenow introduces an enhanced view when showing table records in AES. This provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface and simplifies column management using a simple view layout. Also, it will be possible to “pin” one or more columns in the list view to navigate through the records fields with even more ease. 👌

Another exciting addition to AES is Workspaces. In fact, this will make the workspaces creation and configuration possible totally into the Application Engine Studio.

2️⃣ Now Assist:

#servicenow introduces a super hyped tool which we’re looking forward to try: Now Assist 🚀

This AI based assistant will look like a chat to whom will be possible to ask for new implementations blocks. We can compare it to ChatGPT for #servicenow, where for example, you can describe your idea based on Flow designer and it will build real-time the steps needed. You can also ask for further updates on the flow if the requirements have changed, and of course, you can let it generate a script for you into a flow action for example. 🙏

Personally, I think this will be a game-changer in the design phase, helping us not only to speed up our thinking process, but also to always gather new ideas. However, we don’t have to forget AI could be really approximative and not accurate yet, that’s why for now I would use it very carefully.

3️⃣ Process Automation Process

This new tool is expected to combine Flow, Subflow, Action (and decision tables) in a united processes workflow.

The core functionality would be the automation of complex business processes through one whole view, improving efficiency and a better understanding of the entire process. 🔎

It’s still not clear where this new designing processes way will go, but from what we have seen in the demo during the keynote, we believe it’s going to be pretty much standardized within the #servicenow environment. For now, of course we stay tuned for further information about it, as most probably this feature will be released in 2024 with the Washington release.

4️⃣ Generative AI Spoke

#servicenow's further releases will also introduce Generative AI Spoke, which allows user to generate AI based responses in the Flow Designer like text, script and more. 🚀

We’re sure this is going to be an additional crucial upgrade towards the AI world, making #servicenow an even faster and smarter experience, especially for developers.

5️⃣ Dashboards Boards:

Finally, shared boards in the dashboards panel is a feature that will provide a useful “Trello-style” visualization of activities operations and not only.

Again, from what we could have seen during the demo this looks an interesting enhancement for the user experience, but of course we always keep up to the date for new details about this feature.

We, at DT Advisory, are excited about these upcoming #servicenow features and their potential to revolutionize our, and our clients’ operations.

Stay tuned as we leverage these advancements to drive digital transformation and deliver exceptional results. Reach out to us for more information or to explore how these new features can benefit your organization. 🚀


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